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Historic "Finca" in a romantic location

Property Area: 18.000m2
Living Space Area: 303m2
Bedroom Count: 5
Bathroom Count: 5
Pool: 5 x 10m
Beach Distance: 10km
Energy Certificate: *
Manacor - Son Macia / Süd-Ost-Küste
Object Id: BFC1495SM
Price: 1.295.000€

Elabatory restored lovers Finca with current technique and many details. 

When you are looking for a historical "Finca" with a certain charm, very good view, absolute calmness and a good connection, than this Mallorca property is the exact right thing! 

Enjoy these idyll with many romantic spots and decorations and a lush and naturally landscaped Mallorca garden. 

We would be pleased to introduce this romantic "Finca" to you. 

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