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Independent from the land, in which you construct your dream real estate, location and position are the decisive criteria. Mallorca as island has only a limited surface so there is only few construction land. The balearic island is repeatedly selected as one of the ten best real estate locations of the world.


With a real estate in Mallorca you have a stabil value preservation and resulting a continual appreciation.

In our portfolio you can find very coveted mountain locations, which are becoming increasingly less.

These construction projects in the middle of the island, in the southeast and northeast are preconfigured from us and for a quick entry, for fair prices.


Everybody is looking for something special. Especially when you decide to construct a real estate in Mallorca, you want to create the ideal home for you and your family. Therefore, it is important to find the right property.


Wether with panoramic view or sea view, a nice view over the nature, or a flat plot, which is completely walkable and with a maximum construction utilization as well as park-like gardens, more calm or more in the middle of life – here, everybody finds its ideal property. Even a possible south- or slope position, with a small or large tree population, can be the ideal property for the construction of your real estate.


The plot should always be in line with the construction volume.

To be able to choose the right plot, it has to be clear which budget should not be exceeded at the end. According to this information and your wish list of the construction, we will recalculate to set the maximum starting price of your construction plot. 


The construction volume should fit the plot, so every real estate investment in Mallorca is secured.What does that mean in detail? 

An exposed plot in a good neighborhood requires a corresponding house with an outdoor area, which declares the plot category. If you are planning a non-adequate project on a very good plot, in the future any prospective purchaser will see the real estate value reduced due to the category movement. Reverse it is the same case. A less good plot, in a less good neighborhood, should not be constructed with a too elaborate project. When selling, the plot location would reduce the constructed project value.

Taking into account the recalculating formula and considering the harmony between the construction volume and the plot category you can be sure, that you always made the right decision and made a worthwhile investment.

Use our unique online construction calculator, in order to set the budget for the purchase of land, always taking into account the additional construction costs and the construction creation costs.

We are pleased to support you personally in the definition of the core sizes and project selection.

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When selecting a plot, we don't take only in account the different geological differences of Mallorca, but also help ourselves with a geographical orientation. Therefore we divide Mallorca into different cross-community zones. Due to its natural grown shape and landscape features, it is easy to divide Mallorca into seven zones.


This clustering counts only for us, it helps us order the construction projects and is not shared by all construction companies or real estate offices.

Overview, the classification that is valid for us:


  • Tramuntana
  • Southwest to west
  • Steep coast in the south to Arenal close to Palma
  • Airport and flight path/entry lane
  • Northeast
  • Island middle
  • East coast up to the southeast coast

Tramuntana is an ideal area for day trips and excites with different hiking tours. Considering the climate, in winter it is very humid and colder, than in other parts of Mallorca. The beautiful serpentines build a contrast to the land roads of the island and are equipped with rest facilities that allow to enjoy the fresh air and nature up there. Experienced drivers can cope here also at night, but these roads require a high concentration ability. These roads meandering through the mountains are ideal for the training camps of the international professional and semi-professional cycling clubs in Mallorca.


The southwest to the west is a cynosure for different european habitants. Here you can find a variety of southern slope buildings on hills. If you move to our beautiful mediterranean island, you will quickly find here a connection to german and english speaking residents.


The steep coast in the south of Ses Salines and the there located wetlands up to Arenal, close to Palma, is a special area. It presents itself as a flat and spacious paradise for cyclists in Mallorca for the organized hobby to semi-professional league. Beaches and bays are rare in this part of the island and the winters are usually very calm. Restaurants and entertainment possibilities make a pause during this time of the year.


The airport of Mallorcas, Son Sant Joan, is located 8 km east from Palma.


In 2017, the airport recorded a flight volume of 27.970.655 passengers. The flight path around the airport and Palma also offers construction land. The value of the objects within the flight path are usually lower than the normal average value. A value preservation of real estates in this zone are lower than in other parts of Mallorca because of the flight movements.

Also a beautiful area of Mallorca is the northeast. It stretches from the eastern start of the Tramuntana, with its spacious nature reserve and wetlands, up to the flight path for landing maneuvers for the airplanes coming in over land. The tourist population in summer is here very high and the coast is mainly built with hotel facilities.


The Island middle is an ideal starting point for activities in any direction towards the whole island. In summer it is always some degrees warmer than in other regions of Mallorca. When purchasing or building in this region, it is important to be able to interpret the exact conditions on site.


From Arta / Cala Ratjada at the east coast over Cala Llombards extends the southeast coast.


An all year round active infrastructure builds here the ideal center of life.

Great hiking and off-road mountain bike paths are just a few of the diverse offer of all sport activities. The mixture of loosened hill-paths with natural tensions in the landscape and many beaches and bays, make this region even more attractive.


In general, an imaginary line is formed approximately 5 km north of the main road Arta - Manacor - Felanitx - Campos - Llucmajor - which our customers intuitively designate as Go! / NoGo!. Based on this experience, we focus on the purchase of the plots, which we than pre-plan for you and depending on the progress, they are already constructed. If you found a real estate, a new construction project or a plot on our website, we will be pleased to inform you comprehensively about the status quo.

We put together details about the landscape and the infrastructure of the southeast and the east coast for you.