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Living on the land does not automatically mean that you have to live a land-life.

It is essential how good your Finca is supplied with the different connections, like electricity, water, gas and sewage. Thanks to the use of renewable energy and power supplies with back-up-system, there is no difference in the performance whether you are connected to the public supply or if you take care of it yourself.

At Mallorcas land parts or generally in the southern regions, it is not usual to be connected to the public power system. But this is nothing to worry about. The latest combination systems allow an accessible everyday life. Therefore many want to create their own electricity and think that living self-sufficient is an interesting lifestyle. At the same time, they do something good for the environment!

Electricity / Power

1. City-Power

The public power supplier is the connection of the city-power. The connection point can already be installed at the property and is usually bought with the property. Another way to get the power connected to the property is to apply and implement the connection at your own costs. With our M2 Service, you will have clearness and a cost overview from the beginning, before buying your dream property.After the connection, the electricity house, the counter, your own connection with main electricity counter up to your house and the therefore necessary documents and certificates. As real estate office, construction company and construction promoter we will help you with the paper work and will take care of the process of the power connection for you.


2. Photovoltaic + Generator

More than 300 sunny days in Mallorca make the decision easier. The newest generation of Photovoltaic is a very reliable and a strong energy producer. A strong battery package saves the power which was produced over the whole day and can be generated when needed. Our engineer and electrician create a tailored sizing for you and your real estate, which gives the size and the back-up possibilities. In case there is not enough performance, a powerful generator gives the missing performance parallel.


3. Photovoltaic System + Wind turbines + Generator

In addition to the photovoltaic system you can install a wind turbine system, like this you can minimize the performance of the generator and preserve the battery system. Because power is not just produced during day time, it is produced almost 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

You care about the environment and live with the nature and not on natures costs? Let us give you an offer for the autarkic energy supply, for your Finca!

Water Supplyer

A 100% water supply is not usual in Mallorca, or generally in the southern countries. On the one hand you have the problem to get the water to your real estate and on the other hand you want fresh water and appropriate pressure coming out of the water tabs.

Your own small house water mechanism is the solution here. In the fewest cases you get the water with a water supplier (private-public, private or public), usually  you get the water delivered with a water truck „LKW 10-15m3“ or out of a private deep well.

For the water storage we create a water archive (concrete tank) and carry the water over a full automated pump and pipe system, including first filtration, to the house. There are no changes for you, the task of the city-utility at your house is done by the own house water mechanism.

The water you get delivered by truck is controlled, treated and released as drinking water. Before making use of your well water it has to be proven by a labor and than gets a certificate, after the use of the well water is qualified.

You can set additional filtrations in between, to improve the certificated water quality even more, for example with a decalcification system.

We recommend different types and sizes of a water archives, up to separate catch basins and separate second-facilities from a certain plant amount / garden arrangement, depending on the garden facility, consumption, house size and water supply.

Sewage / Septic Tank

1. Two-Chamber-System

For little use, like a separate guest house, outside shower, outside sink, sewage system of a garage, outside kitchen and so on.


Applies to the european norm: EN12566-1

2. More-chamber-system – Oxygen-system

With biological filter applying to the Spanish guidelines of the water quality RD 606/2003.

Ideal for detached houses or small residential communities with a three chamber system first of all, large particles and than medium-sized particles are oxygenated, to activate the bacterial strain which is found in the last chamber and make an efficient decomposition and cleaning of the sewage, before it overflows.

3. More-chamber-system with ecological rich oxygen press system

Depending on the area, the island council of the Balearic Islands requires the most efficient sewage treatment systems. Therefore, it often comes to an oxygen press system after an upstreamtwo-chamber septic tank, where oxygen is continuously pressed in the tanks with a compressor to maximize the decomposition. Furthermore a special filter separates the smallest particles, it comes to an overflow till at the end, after another standing time. These systems apply the GUIDELINES EN 12566-3, Spanish General Guideline 606/2003 and the european recommendation 91/271/CEE, depending on the use. They can be subject to quarter service intervals. An offer can only be made individually and can not be calculated sweepingly.



The here subscribed themes, concepts, hints are an explanation for the different realization possibilities. Even though there are various described details, it is possible that your individual optimum is not found here.

Your object is as individual as you are. Your tailored solutions and specific construction details are specifically shown in your individual contract. Our contracts and objects are adapted to your requirements and are not comparable with any others.

Should you have any questions regarding your contract, do not hesitate to contact us. We accompany you during the complete construction phase.