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Natural Stone Works

The biggest part of Mallorca is composed by rocks/ stones. In times before industrialization a large amount of stone was already taken out from the bottom, to create plow-able fields for the agriculture. To make good use of the large amount of stones, they began to make stonewalls, which where used for demarcation and to keep animals together.

The historical old houses where constructed by a stone-soil-mixture and with masonries with up to 1 meter strength.

Natural stones find a large spectrum of usage. From property masonries, for garden separation walls, entrance rondel, separation walls, stair & main entrances, for cladding house facades / exterior walls or just as decoration walls in the inside.

Especially with natural stone facades you enjoy the advantage of almost maintenance-free surface. As maintenance-measure, especially the north-facades can be cleaned and impregnated every two to three years. Houses with natural stone clothing have a certain tradition here in Mallorca and show optically and recoverability a big efficiency.

The processing of natural stones is a laborious hand work especially in summer it requires its tributes. You can manage the look, charm and feeling of your natural stone house and stone-decors with individual details.

Depending on the standard concept, if more likely “quaint” or “modern”, we process lighter natural stones with lighter/ white basis-color and for more “quaint” for characterful houses we process natural stones in a more natural red/ brown grounded color.

In each group you can set the different processing techniques and further details and quality characteristics.




  • Natural stones as dry wall
  • Natural stones with broad colored cement gap
  • Natural stones with thin gap
  • and gap-less processing


The here subscribed themes, concepts, hints are an explanation for the different realization possibilities. Even though there are various described details, it is possible that your individual optimum is not found here.

Your object is as individual as you are. Your tailored solutions and specific construction details are specifically shown in your individual contract. Our contracts and objects are adapted to your requirements and are not comparable with any others.

Should you have any questions regarding your contract, do not hesitate to contact us. We accompany you during the complete construction phase.