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You want to sell your real estate in Mallorca and are looking for a competent partner? We are pleased to give you advice.

Multilingual and with experience we look after the sale of your house discreetly and professionally.

Present your real estate in the right way

Also the sale of a real estate is an emotional challenge. The decision to sell is not always easy.

Professional fotos and a meaningful expose are essential for a successful sale. Our sale portal is based on thorough research. All the documents and details are examined from us and we work solution oriented for potential buyers. We know and understand the side of the purchaser as well as the side of the seller and their interests as well as their concerns. With our professional marketing structure we work equally for the seller and the purchaser, always transparent and with fair commission agreements.

Wir holen das Beste aus ihrer Immobilie und optimieren die Ausschreibung mit definierten Suchkriterien und einer ansprechenden Präsentation.

We get the best out of your real estate and optimize the tender with defined research criteria and an appealing presentation. Our experience will benefit you and we will use all the special characteristics of your real estate in a promotional and effective way.

We will serve your intention to sell at the highest level and solution oriented. We are pleased to present you our various distribution channels and presentation categories.

We are looking forward to meet you, Your ImmobilienBau-Mallorca