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Alarm Systems

Mallorca is a very safe island. This can be seen not only with the high presence of the police, but also with the low statistic of assaults.

Still there are lots of thieves, who take advantage when a house is uninhabited and left unoccupied.

We ourselves do not offer alarm systems, but we are pleased to introduce you to our partner who is responsible for alarm systems.

I. You can get a free video surveillance sign from our office.

This can be attached to your gate system and set on the deterrent effect.

II. The next step, would be the installation of a video surveillance system at your property. Video cameras are installed at strategic points, which automatically send a message when there is movement, and in addition with immediate recording. At any time you can sign up to an app to control the cameras.

III. In case this is not enough, the next step would be to install an alarm system with authentication when entering and leaving the house. These systems are connected 24/7 and when the alarm goes, at the same time a call is sent with an automated code authentication. In case of an incorrect authentication or in case you cannot be reached, a guard or a police person will be sent to your property immediately.

Independent of this, you can order armoured glass, multiple door locks, and install aluminium shutters and other details to prevent unauthorized entry to your Finca.

We are happy to discuss further possibilities.