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Outside Area

Do not leave your outside area to chance, if you want to have an individual “Spanish Hacienda”.

Enjoy the latest techniques, which are blended invisibly, and delight in the southern lifestyle of your Finca.

Some examples which increase the value of your property and let you enjoy fully your life include comfortable sitting corners, large tables, BBQ areas, stone ovens, pool areas, outside bathrooms and a Mediterranean plant world.

The island councils have different guidelines for the construction of Fincas in the countryside, depending on the location and the topology of the property.

In addition to the design of the main house and the surface of the pool water, a house requires different terraced areas and eventually some paths around the house to keep the walls clean in bad weather.

The different terraced areas allow you to find comfortable, shady and sheltered places during the whole year. Stairs in the entrance area or driveway ramps to the garage are envisaged. Depending on the municipality, grass areas, gravel areas, decoration or sustaining walls, are taken into the overall size for tax levy purposes.

> Your outside area should be planned with the same attention to detail as the main construction works, and rather belongs with your construction project.This has to be evaluated from the beginning in terms of the area and has to be checked with the relevant construction guidelines. <

Facility - and Planning Concepts

As a rough guide, we subdivide an outside area into different areas:

1. Main sector to be taken care of, main house, terrace areas - where you can always find a comfortable place during the different seasons, pool, outside kitchen, pool houses, pool bathrooms, outside bathrooms, direct garden.

2. Secondary sector easy to maintain by hand: gravel-areas, gate ways, paths.

3. Large sector/ wild areas easy to maintain with a tractor, or wooded areas, escarpment location and so on, which are usually left to themselves.

Do not leave your outside area to chance, plan your facility based on our concepts which are built on years of experience. We are happy to provide you with professional advice!

Water Archive

A 100% water supply is not usual in Mallorca, or generally in the Southern Countries. On the one hand you have the problem getting water to your property, and also ensuring you have fresh water and appropriate pressure coming out of the water taps.

Your own small house water mechanism is here a possible solution. In a few cases you get the water with a water supplier (private or public). Usually the water is delivered by a water truck for a reasonable price “truck 10-15m3” or from your own private deep well.

For the water storage we build a concrete tank from which water is pumped to the house with a fully automated pump and pipe system which includes first filtration. An advantage with this system is that there are no council charges.

Before making use of your well water however it has to be officially tested and certified.

In between the tank and the tap you can set additional filtrations, to improve the certificated water quality even more, for example with a decalcification system and water purifier.

We recommend different types and sizes of water storage governed by house size and water supply. With separate tanks, one for the main house water and also second-facilities for water for the garden.

Gravel Area

Since gravel areas are clean, tidy and easy to maintain they are often used as decoration for plant beds.

They are also ideal for entrances, drive ways and turning places. Gravel areas are used to enlarge the scarce acreages and make them more comfortable. Nevertheless gravel areas should not be seen as a solution for everything because, dependent on the municipality, they can be evaluated as constructed areas.

Even here it is important to create a priorised plan and compare it with the local municipal construction guidelines.

To have the desired effect of gravel areas, it is important to work clean and set the right substructure.

Model Concrete

An ideal solution for large areas and or for driveways is a “model“ concrete, especially in properties where there is a steep slope, gateways, front areas and also separate terraces, parking places etc.

Model concrete exists in different colours and versions, from grid pattern up to natural rock surfaces, and can be used numerous ways.

Outside Light Package

Decorate the house, set the right character and the right lighting. These special features will make your Finca, very special.

Your property should not just shine in daytime summer, but also later in the evening with the right outside lighting.

We do not just mean the outside lamp packages, like the outside lamps over the door for example. These are included in the standard house type, but here we mean the floor lighting which highlights the house facade.

Check out for yourself our latest offers for new constructions. There are different available outside-lightening-packages A-L or A-XL.

Light Package Driveway

Enhance your dream property with the right details. The right light package makes your property not just look very good when you approach it, but it is also useful for taking a nice walk in the evening. The property is conceptually completed with gate lighting. In the second phase, the outside lighting and the lighting of the house are designed, and at the end the lighting of the garden and the driveway.

Our light package for the driveway consists of isolated flex-protected cables, which are individually installed in the fuse box and then laid in empty pipes situated in the gravel and then protected with local mixed cement. The chosen standing “lampposts“ can be fixed with hidden concrete, or if requested they can be painted and put up on a local poured cement base.

Gate System

The gate system or gate entrance is “business card“ of every Finca. You have to decide, what impression you want to give to the outside, quaint and a typical land Finca, a natural Finca, a modern house, or a modern robust and spacious Finca for example.

From a purely technical point of view we offer two types:

On the one hand the rolling gate and on the other hand the two-wing-gate-system. Both types work with an electric motor and can be controlled with a remote or from the house.

The intercom can either be just audio or audio with camera.

In case of a power failure we recommend to choose the gate system with an integrated or separate door. This way you can always reach the property.

A gate system should always be installed with two columns, one on the right and one on the left side, or with a continuous wall. On our construction calculator you can choose the standard gate system together with the entrance and accompanying natural stone wall as a finished module and add it to your project.

Contact us to plan your “individual business“ card for your Mallorcan Finca!

Cabling of the Gate System

The cabling is done underground. In contrast to the main power supplier, it is laid in an empty pipe, 30 to 40 centimeters deep, and protected from weather and future works with local mixed mortar cement.

If possible, we always try to lay the lines along the driveway, to protect them better from future excavations. Our standard is to connect the gate system separately and not connect it in the same fusebox together with other protection fuses. The outside lightening could activate the protection fuse during the humid low season and would shut down the gate system at the same time. To prevent this, we install separate protection fuses for the outside lightening, path lighting and so on.

Terraces "normal" and terraces "elevated"

Terraces belong to the sealed and walkable areas and are valued differently depending on the classification of the property.

The island council adapted different guidelines for the construction of land Fincas, depending on the location and the topology of the property. Apart from the outline, the main house and the surface of the pool water the regulations require different terraced areas and paths around the house in case of bad weather and in order to pass around the house without getting dirty. The different terraced areas allow you to find a comfortable, shady and sheltered place around the whole year. Stairs at the entrance area or driveway ramps are included with the garage area.

The outside area should be planned in the same meticulous and intensive way as the house and the inside area.

Terraces, walkways, paths on solid ground:

At a solid prepared ground they are either directly on solid ground, finished with prepared leveling filling compound and finished compactly. A 7 to 10 centimeter strong concrete is concreted with fiber chips or iron mats.

Terraces on an elevated under construction:

At elevated terraces, it is necessary to put an additional layer of cement at the middle layer, and if necessary add fiber chips.

Do not leave the outside areas to chance but plan your facility based on concepts, which are built on long year experience.

Covered Terraces / Porch

A covered terrace or porch, can be seen as an additional living room, considering the local climate. The porch is usually aligned to the south and added to the dining and living room. A porch provides shaded sitting possibilities, and protects from warm humid nights, and also gives shade to the large openings onto the terrace. This helps give pleasant climate in the house during the hot summer days.

In Mallorca it is important to have different terraces with comfortable sitting possibilities for breakfast, lunch and dinner during the whole year. Sheltered corners give you the feeling of the pre summer season on sunny winter days. Walled porches are not the only useful rooms which can be used the whole year round, but also pergolas and car ports offer privacy- and sun protection.


Pergola and Carport

Whilst in Germany you prepare for winter, here in Mallorca you have to be prepared for the summer. Or rather :„After summer comes spring and then summer again.“

To enjoy summer in Mallorca it is useful to erect a carport which gives shade for the car and one or more pergolas, which allow you to sit outside half shaded. A completely roofed terrace may have many advantages, but especially in the low season it does not replace a pergola with the desired effect of sitting in the sun and still avoiding 40-70% of direct sunlight.

Outside Kitchen and Pool Houses

Lifestyle Mallorca! Life in Mallorca predominantly takes place outside.

If you want to have the real Mallorca lifestyle at your Finca, covered terrace areas, pool areas, nice gardens, and an outside kitchen should not be missing. Have a look at our different possibilities for outside kitchens. We offer everything from easy robust grill systems up to a pool house with outside shower and bathroom. Have fun with friends and family sitting together comfortably at night, even when it gets colder at night.

The step from smart designed pool houses with bathroom is not far away from an additional Casita. Therefore you can have a look at our sections  Building apart/Pool houses/Garages.

Unit AK: small outside kitchen

Unit AF: freestanding outside kitchen

Unit iPD: integrated pool shower

Unit gPD: bricked pool shower

Unit ofA: open outside bathroom

Unit ACP: outside kitchen as casita with pool bathroom

Unit A1T: Outside kitchen with covered porch and 1 tower (pool bathroom/storage room/technical room

Unit A2T: outside kitchen with 2 towers (pool bathroom and storage room/ technical room)


Fall Protection / Inside and Outside Railing

A large part of the construction guidelines deal exclusively with hazardous points, especially building edges. Special protection measurements have to be provided, depending on the occupied area and length of the edge.

This means: under 15 meter length it counts as crash edge, if the height difference is more than 100 centimetres (for example garden walls with a height of less than 1 meter, do not need special fall protection, but should always have a good visible edge which shows the fall hazard).

Stairs with more than three steps, balconies, and windows which are cut deeper should always have a fall protection which has a bent edge higher than 100 cm, not including empty areas of more than 12 cm2, which do not leave more than 12 cm between vertical-struts and which does not have a ladder effect in the horizontal.

Enclosed are a few examples, which are compliant with the current security policies. We are happy to discuss the design and create a feasibility study with you.

Fall protection devices can be bricked, or made out of wood or iron, stainless steel or glass. In case iron is used outside, it should always be galvanized before allying the primer and the top coat. Indoors it is not necessary, even though we always recommend the galvanized version in Mallorca.

The guidelines for the protection of hazardous points are revised and approved constantly. We determine the actual guidelines relevant to your hazardous points which may differ from the ones explained above.

If you refer to our different house type listings you can see which design is offered by default LINK.

Entrance Roundabout

Decorates the entrance of your Finca and is practical as a turning circle. Usually it is surrounded with a nature stone wall and in the middle you find an old splendid olive tree.

Perhaps you have your own ideas to design the front of the garden? We are happy to help you realize your ideas.

Well Decoration

With a well decoration you can protect your deep well and at the same time make it more valuable. Always consider that large machines have to be able to reach the well for maintenance and in the case of repair.


Main Power Line

From the Electric Meter into the House

In Mallorca it is usual that you lay the electricity cables on your property at your own costs. Apart from installing the distribution box, it is necessary to set up a box where your electricity meter is installed. From there under the ground, in line with the norm (80-100cm deep, in empty pipe and with revision shafts every 25 meter), electricity is laid directly to the main power box in the entrance area of the Finca. In addition we lay a signal tape, at half height, to signal the installation on the property and to prevent damages during works and tractor maintenance in the future.



The themes, concepts and hints described above are an explanation of different possibilities. Even though these are extensive, it is possible that your individual desires are not found here.

Your object is as individual as you are. The tailored solutions and specific construction methods are shown in detail in a contract specifically designed for you. Our contracts and objects are adapted to your requirements and are not comparable with any other.

Should you have any questions regarding your contract, do not hesitate, to contact us. We are in partnership with you throughout the whole construction period.