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Garden - Plant Packages

We recommend making use of either naturally growing Mallorquin plants, or use plants which are used to this climate.

The “sizing” of your garden should be adapted to the water supply on your property. In general: it is recommended that you have a small amount of lawn, or sow a type of lawn which is robust, saves water and which is resistant to the sun. This way you can save a lot of water and at the same time do something good for Mallorca!

The size and the scope of your garden should be adapted to the water supply. We also recommend to think about the amount of maintenance effort you want to put into the garden in the future. The maintenance of the garden can be from minimal to very intensive depending on the choice, position and the size of the plants.

Together we can discuss if you either prefer to design an easy garden or if you prefer an individual, unique and outstanding garden.

Attached you can find some pictures to get some useful ideas to plan your own unique garden.


The themes, concepts and hints described above are an explanation of different possibilities. Even though these are extensive, it is possible that your individual desires are not found here.

Your object is as individual as you are. The tailored solutions and specific construction methods are shown in detail in a contract specifically designed for you. Our contracts and objects are adapted to your requirements and are not comparable with any other.

Should you have any questions regarding your contract, do not hesitate, to contact us. We are in partnership with you throughout the whole construction period.