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Real Estate & Construction Mallorca - ImmobilienBau-Mallorca


We are your expert contact for all concerns relating the purchase of real estate in Mallorca, real estate sales and the construction of real estate in Mallorca. We act as conscientious and reliable construction developers and real estate agents in Mallorca.


Your Real Estate Agency in Mallorca

We handle all the matters regarding the purchase of real estate, houses, fincas, apartments, properties and new construction projects as a real estate agency. From the real estate search up to the purchase, we are as your competent service provider your contact person. We advice you in detail about all the different real estate types and the regional differences.



Apart from the classic service, we also offer an extensive spectrum of services.

Learn more about our settlement and communication standards and our unique self-developed services:



Our Real Estate Pulse Check (S2 Service) is used to get a detailed analysis of all the relevant informations about your desired real estate. This is essential especially for the purchase of real estate.


Safety First Concept

Our Safety First Concept ensures, during your purchase process, that your down payment is always safe and that all the arrangements made with the seller are adhered.


Guaranteed Transparency Compromise 

This is rounded up by our Guaranteed Transparency Compromise. An individual customized report that represents the exact bureaucratic situation of the real estate, and informs you with the help of case studies of the boundaries, if available. With this thorough process you get total transparency and with this you more easily make good decisions.

All services in detail are presented here.


We realize a customer's wishes and perceived visions, so that in the execution of individual focal points such as appearance, material selection, light conditions, sense of space and last but not least also the exterior design become a reality.

As individual as a real estate is, one aspect is essential for all owners: the investment value of real estate. This depends especially on the location and the construction quality.

We offer the best possible construction quality, excellent location, the greatest possible security and and excellent value. This way our real estate are high-quality, value stable and provide excellent investment opportunities.

Our different house types with their standardized masonry designs and roof construction guarantee with ideal climatic conditions a pleasant living standard, twelve months of the year. Learn more about our house types with the different construction standards and about our construction quality.

Constructing in Mallorca can be a challenge due to the numerous laws and guidelines. Our ethos is solution-orientated on all levels and incorporates our expertise in all areas.

We value the conservation of existing vegetation and renewable energy. We are environment friendly in the construction of our houses. This means we strive to preserve the natural vegetation on the construction plots and to protect the trees. Pollutants are disposed of professionally. We construct with the aim of creating something that lasts, always bearing in mind sustainability. We plan your projects systematically and deliberately. Step by step we create together, with you your dream objective.


Our unique construction calculator on the real estate market

When you build, you want to know as early as possible, in which journey you are getting involved. Benefit from our unique online construction calculator and create your pre-offer for your new construction project. 

Choose from our model houses and find an easy start into the planning. Our online construction calculator allows you a generous configuration through our construction standards. You can also bring your own designs or you can choose our S3-Service . We work out your house design tailored to and regarding your needs.

Configure your dream real estate after a modular construction system, add your pool area, your garage, your pool house, your own special wishes, up to the design of your garden packages.

Don't leave the costs to chance! Our construction calculator also allows you to get an overview of the construction costs, so you know from the beginning additional construction costs..

- To the construction calculator - 

Constructing with us, the Real Estate Construction Mallorca, means that you can rely on our commitments regarding quality, scheduling, and efficiency. We accompany you at every construction step and advise you competently and understandably. Our many years of experience make us to your ideal partner, to construct your real estate in Mallorca. Contact us, and we will answer personally and promptly.