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What would life be without indulgence of food? If there is one thing you want to enjoy in Mallorca - apart from the sun, it should be the cooking - together with family and friends. For this you can enjoy to the fullest the very good fresh and tasty food available in Mallorca.

Your kitchen should be ergonomic, practical and support the lifestyle “together in the kitchen”. The kitchen is the number one social centre in many households, so why not plan, your kitchen according to this?

Let a kitchen expert advise you. We are happy to make the preliminary process of the important details with you, the rough design, and ergonomic and efficient analysis of your kitchen.

If desired we create an offer for the realization of the kitchen from our own designed plans (between our kitchen carpenter, our stonemason and depending on the kitchen type combined with construction work from our own plans).

Enclosed here are some pictures of kitchens we designed and created ourselves.


The themes, concepts and hints described above are an explanation of different possibilities. Even though these are extensive, it is possible that your individual desires are not found here.

Your object is as individual as you are. The tailored solutions and specific construction methods are shown in detail in a contract specifically designed for you. Our contracts and objects are adapted to your requirements and are not comparable with any other.

Should you have any questions regarding your contract, do not hesitate, to contact us. We are in partnership with you throughout the whole construction period.