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Pool Systems

We, the Real Estate Construction-Mallorca, realize only two different pool construction techniques, even though you will find in Mallorca several construction systems to create pools. Our pools, depending on the location, form and size either we “project – with lost casing” or “poured”. We try to avoid all the other techniques and come only to these when the standard techniques are not possible. Also with the pool applies: the pool impermeability should come about with the creating technique. Additional protective coatings in the pool should provide more security, but never represent the basis of impermeability.


At a technical view on a pool, we separate the forces, which result through the water and especially the summed forces, which result by the displacement of water – from the impermeability of the pool body. A renovation is limited to the right preparation and the right choice and application of the sealing-process if the container is technically stable enough. In case that the carcass is not made for the resulting forces, it first has to be strengthened structurally, if possible.

Due to our pool construction expertise we build plenty of different pool forms and made renovation works over the last years. Even the extension of an existing pool is possible with the right technique and this granting guarantee!

Also the transformation of a in Mallorca often found “safareig / aljub” - water basin for the fish breeding / water storage for field watering - to a swimming-pool, is possible.

A type distinction can be made from the changing water volume contained in a pool. A pool is a water container which can take a maximum water amount and has to contain a minimum water amount for the right functionality. As soon as the pool is used through persons or heavy rain comes, it comes to a displacement of water. A strong evaporation process causes water scarcity. A pool has to be able to deal with a certain degree of water fluctuation for a proper functionality Therefore we basically differ between two pool types.

Skimmer-Pool System

Pool systems, where the volume change is intercepted in the same pool container, and pools, which get help from a so called surge tank.


Pool systems where the pool container also provides buffer space for the volume change, can be recognized at the “skimmer”. These are typically provided with raised curb.

Infinity - Pool System

Pool systems where an additional surge tank is needed are usually known as infinity pools – also available with circulating shore tile. The pool curb belongs to the water area and a in the terrace integrated drain carries the water to the surge tank.


Water Treatment

Pools are also classified by the treatment of the water quality. The typical forms of water treatments in Mallorca are divided into the so called “chlorine-pools” and in “salt-water-pools”.


At both types PH+- is used to regulate the PH – value (compatibility). At the chlorine-pool the pool is usually regulated by hand either with chlorine granules or multipurpose chlorine tablets. At the salt water pool special salt is mixed directly in the pool, which will be converted into chlorine by an electrolysis device for the water disinfection.

The common pool sizes:


8 x 4 m

9 x 4 m

10 x 5 m

12 x 5 m

12 x 6 m


Modern pool sizes:

10 x 4 m

12 x 4 m

15 x 4 m

18 x 4 m

20 x 4 m


Our pool systems are completely connected and handed out ready for use. Tiled and provided with the necessary amount of skimmer / surge tanks, floor drain pipe, waste water function, cleaning interface, filter system, water circulation pump, injectors, underwater lightening controllable from the main house, control center including timer and individual electrical protection. 

Further special features:

Entrance-forms, sun banks, water features, massage jets, countercurrent system, subaqueous audio, self cleaning pools, bricked whirlpool facility…

Cross-sectional View of Swimming Pools

Classical, typical pool cross-section, family pool facility or pool facility with children area, sport pool facility from > 12 meter length.



We are pleased to explain the advantages and disadvantages of the different water treatment system, pool sizes and forms as well the different cross-sections, so you can find your proper pool-configuration.


The here subscribed themes, concepts, hints are an explanation for the different realization possibilities. Even though there are various described details, it is possible that your individual optimum is not found here.

Your object is as individual as you are. Your tailored solutions and specific construction details are specifically shown in your individual contract. Our contracts and objects are adapted to your requirements and are not comparable with any others.

Should you have any questions regarding your contract, do not hesitate to contact us. We accompany you during the complete construction phase.