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Mares Outlines

Mares stone is a well known stone in the field of construction in the Balearic Island. It serves as the covering material for outside walls providing an optical ornament of the house and as a working surface for attaching shutters, known as  persianas.

This stone, also known as “sand-lime-stone” is a very open-pored material, which tends to absorb water like a sponge and depending on the quality it can “sand” or “break” in wet conditions.

We use high-quality mares stones with a high material core which produces a preliminary stage to the “marble” stone and which absorbs very little humidity and water.

As standard material, we use the type Mares “Felanitx” or similar depending on the design of the house. Mares Felanitx is a stable mares stone with only moderate humidity absorption. Furthermore, if desired, after the mounting and drying time the mares stone can be treated to be water repellent. This stone tends to be lighter in color from white up to natural-stone-beige and not to be confused with the usually soft yellow mares stone. At an additional cost we can also mount the mares stone “Santanyi”.

Mares finishes are included as standard at all the house types E020 / D110 / D220 and T320.

Windows - Terrace Doors

As standard we suggest PVC 5 – chamber-isolation-system, strengthened with galvanized border iron inside. High insulation quality and a very robust surface make these especially suitable for the local climate and the strong sun / UV radiation. Our locking system is delivered with a certificate and many years of guarantee.

Depending on the house type you can choose between the standard tone white, the different wooden imitation optics or the full wooden variety. Always as double glazing with 5mm thick single windows and if you wish we can order triple glazing, safety-glass, toned glasses with UV protection, mirrored or as armored glass.


Also called shutters, fulfill the function of the typical shutters, but at the same time they give the necessary airing / air circulation at night and take the heat of the strong sun.

Persianas belong to the group of the final-facade-products and are exposed to the southern weather. A lot of humidity, especially at the north facade during “winter-time”, a lot of dust and very strong sun – UV – radiation. On the Mallorca real estate and new construction market you will find a large offer of persianas in different raw materials. In our house types are the aluminum ones included – in a dark green color – specially layered for the local climate or of full-wood as Teka Iroko, Teka Nautico and so on. Other qualities and colors can be offered.

Our advice is to use aluminum as raw material. This way you reduce maintenance of the real estate. If you are looking for the typical “quaint” Finca character, we recommend wood, but not a lower quality than Teka Iroko, Teka Nautico and so on. The maintenance is limited to normal wood-maintenance and is resistant to the weather conditions.

We are pleased to help you to make the right decision and eventually to find the right compromises!

Front Door Facilities

Full-wooden or PVC

The qualities of PVC are modern and you can choose from an extensive catalog, same model to the other windows and outside doors. Like this you can find the perfect, hermetically sealed, front door.

Full-wooden, typical authentic for Mallorca, stable with rubber seal or professionally of full-wooden Teka-Iroko, oak, etc., if desired isolated and double walled. In addition a full-wooden door can be decorated with decorative nails and a door knocker designed by the blacksmith.

The standard is that the front door facilities are delivered with a triple lock, which can vary depending on the design.

The front door is bordered from the outside with mares stone or natural stone fixed on a double border. For those who wish to adjust their Finca-life to the Spanish lifestyle, we recommend the installation of an additional glass door - iron door on the outside border of the mares clothing. This does not just look very nice, but also protects the wooden doors from the weather and gives additional light to the house. In winter it gives a special quality on sunny days, which is also very appealing.

The glass-iron-door is very robust, constructed with climalit-glass and is able to be locked like a second front door.

Stairs (Finishing)

Apart of the kitchen and the bathrooms, the stair(s) are one of the most eye-catching areas of a Finca. Stairs can be made out of a large variety of materials – from glass to wood, iron or locally poured concrete. The stairs can be dressed with marble or even with matching tile steps, depending on the choice of tile. In Mallorca it is typical to lay the stairs with ground tiles and the stair borders are usually made out of wood.

See further and exact details from our Housetypesections.

Electrical Installation

Standard-compliant and future-proof: our fuse boxes are exclusively provided with components of the german quality brand manufacturer “Schneider Electronic”.

Our power lines are installed under-floor in special empty-pipes. Fuse boxes are distributed in each section of the house. Electricity, internet, audio and other communication lines, e.g. thermostat controls for the underfloor heating, are laid separately to avoid interference.

Because of the empty-pipe-installation, changes in the switch assignment or in case of a cable break, cables and switch assignments can be replaced quickly and easily, in the future. Also a complete renewal of the whole electricity installation will be an easy and cheap process with the empty-pipe-processing in the far future. All connections of lamps in the inside and outside will be installed this way.

Sufficient sockets and light switches are installed in all the rooms, in discussion with the builder and the architect. We always use the brand “Jung LS990” white or equivalent.

A SAT-system with Twin-LMB without receiver, digital and analog with TV and for each a RJ45-socket in every floor, in the ground floor, for example in the living room it is included in the equipment. Depending on the house type all bedrooms are additionally equipped with TV and RJ45 connection.

Audio or audio / video intercom systems are installed, from the front door to the gate columns but this is part of the gate system. 

Outdoor cables also have installation and distribution wells.

In the consultation with the builder, hinged rings with LED-illuminations can be installed or wall or ceiling outlets can be agreed, depending on the ceiling system.

Light Package Inside

A house lives from the quality of the artificial light, which has to be decorative and illuminating the right areas. Create your own ambience with the right illumination. Compare the pictures and make your decision. Get informations about the latest offers of the house types and the appropriate light packages.

Package I-BL: 2 floor lamps for a mares arch

Package I-TL: 4 stair lights

Package I-WLT: 8 package wall lamps clay

Package I-WLG:10 wall lamps bricked

Audio Preinstallation

We prepare empty pipes and blind-boxes in chosen corners in the living room, dining room, kitchen and the adjoining outside porch, so you can install your audio system at any time and which can be controlled centrally. You can use the pre installation to install box-cables or electricity cables, in case you want to install funk boxes a la “Sonus” and so on. You are always on the safe side with the pre installation, and the best: Included in the standard house types.



Our new construction projects are always planned with a fireplace. Even though the saying “Where there is a fireplace in the house, nobody has to freeze” does not really apply to our houses, because they are equipped with very good isolation and modern powerful energy sources. The view of a fire and the warm feeling, which a fireplace gives, is always a special feature. Depending on the house type the fireplace is included, as well as the piping and the bricked fireplace decoration.



Porcelain tiles or nature stone?

At our suppliers you can find a wide range of tiles of different kinds and always the current designs. But also a specific kind of marble is payable in Mallorca. Not just the visual aspect of the floor is important but also the feel of it. The floor covering has to be suitable for walking barefoot.

Wood parquet can be offered but is only recommended in the upper floor or bed rooms and must be only top sustainable quality in order to avoid any expensive replacement.

We will be at your side during the whole process to ensure that your pre-selection is brought to the construction site, to be evaluated in your house. You will be surprised how different a tile can be in your house with different lighting.

The advantages of natural stone are apart from the visual aspect, also the different processing of the surface, which can be chosen. In addition a nature stone (marble/ granite / mares stone) can be grind / lightened at any time without any construction works.

We present the different possibilities. The general procedure for our house types are

floor and wall tiles:

We always process exclusively high quality glue from known manufacturers to offer you the maximum adhesion. Our tiles are glued according to the comprehensive double-coat process and not as in the usual case, with swab procedure.

The floors in the inside of the house can be patterned if desired. The showers are tiled up to 2,2 meters and the substructure is additionally sealed with a protective two-component coating.

You can find the exact price and values from our house type listings and our marble packages:

Marble package easy shower

Marble package completely tiled

Granite package shower completely tiled

Inside Details – Mares Passages, Nature Stone Decoration Walls And Other

We always try to reach an agreeable “interior-outside-balance”. We aim to link the inside with the outside areas with natural surroundings to create a special Finca charm and concept, by integrating local natural materials with high quality.

We construct our promotions and new construction projects intentionally only up to 80%. This means you can design and decide the missing 20% and, importantly save valuable time and look forward to the day you can move in (which in Mallorca could otherwise take up to 3 years).

Sometimes less is more and the simpler it is the more elegant it can be. Standardized floors, spacious rooms and areas with less important features enhance the house by themself, as for example:

-Mares dressed passage in the house as you decide, as rectangular passage, round arch or the typical Mallorca 3-point-process

-Natural stone wall in the house, see different opticals and processing standards

-Pebble surface in the front area for example

-Fireplace with elegant integrated decoration

-bricked Kitchens with thick working surface and natural-stone-sink

-bricked fall-protection for stairs with iron handrail

-Lighting Package Inside, Outside, Driveway, ...

-Glass-iron-separation-door, additional Front door, ...

Heating, Plumbing And Sanitary Appliances / Bathroom Design


After the middle floor layer in the construction process is as follows: Water- wastewater installation, electricity installation, filled with gravel, a thin layer of cement, if underfloor heating is provided, then after a steam and condensate barrier, isolating-holding-mats for loops, floor loops maximum 14,15 square meters per circuit and always smaller than 200 meter per section with its own electric valve head, completed with a floating screed.


Control and underfloor heating

A central thermostat, and one for each area of

underfloor heating a room thermostat in all the bed rooms, living/ dining rooms, kitchen – entrance area. For each floor at least one distribution box with isolated supply / discharge line accordingly dimensioned.

At the installation of the underfloor heating we do not leave anything by chance and work with the German brand manufacturer “Schütz” (Multicapa-pipes – extremely robust) or with the Spanish quality manufacturer “Uponer”, which has been represented on the German market for many years.

Plumbing / Sanitary

Warm / cold water connection to the bathrooms, guest toilets, kitchen and wash room, diameter of 16, 20 or 25, protected with “fare” for cold water and isolated with “climaflex” for hot water, with separate bypass key per section. 1 return system with associated pump.

Sewage system with PVC-pipes 40, 50, 90, 110 and 125 wide pipes, connected to the 3-chamber-septic-tank. Per strand one aeration.

Bathroom design

All of our house types include completely finished bathrooms with vanity units, wall hanging toilets and bidets, towel heaters and generously planned showers.


Wash basins

The substructures can be walled as washbasins or can be made of wood. The washbasins can be set up, let in or placed underneath.


Other connections

1 washing – or dishwasher connections are installed according to the clients specification, optionally in the kitchen or in the washing room.


Example for a toilet line-up – Sanitary

5 toilets “model Roca Meridian”

5 “geberit” sub-flush-boxes

5 white two-step-pushers for sub-flush-boxes

5 sink model “” mounted on stone-washbasin

5 wash taps model “”

4 shower drain channels type “ integrated in the floor invisibly

4 shower taps including tube and shower spray model “”

4 towel heaters individual value up to 489,00 €

1 bathtub model “”

1 bathtub-tap including tube and shower spray model “”

1 washboard sink for utility room including under-frame

1 wall tap for washboard sink

The models can vary depending on the type of house and always include the appropriate connections, siphon and mountings. The individual prices can be viewed as guidelines and can vary as long as the total of the listed individual parts do not increase the overall total. For example if you don't want to have bidets, you can transfer this saved cost to the other sanitary parts. At our prefabricated new real estate constructions special packages can be included. These are for example freestanding designer bathtubs, sinks in the washbasins (integrated with natural stones) with wall-side water taps, and walled or simply constructed finished shelves.


Basically we distinguish between three different types of septics.

Earlier bricked 3-chamber-system, actual

I tank with overflow - more-chamber-system

II tank with overflow - more-chamber-system with oxygen function

III completely closed, has to be pumped out

Depending on the location and ground conditions the type of the septic is a legal requirement.

The house design and the number of bathrooms / bedrooms proscribe the size of the septic tank. In all house types an appropriate size of septic tank type I is provided, including excavation, installation and functioning connection.


Plaster is universally not the same. In southern countries a very fine plaster is used, whilst in Germany it is untypical. The plaster designed to absorb humidity. As is well known, here in Mallorca it is very humid, especially during middle of August till the middle of May. We process a plaster mixture which is more complicated to process. But in its total structure it is “harder” and tends to not absorb humidity. In addition the walls get a pressed smear at the end, which additionally seals, smoothes and almost plasticizes the surface. If the client wishes or in case it is necessary, especially at renovations, we put high-quality textile in the whole wall or where it is necessary. This leads to a maximum protection against fine cracks and offers a perfect surface to paint or your desired wall decoration.

Also possible is a fine plaster painted with whitewashing, depending on the look for example at a stylish renovation of historical Fincas.


A large part of the development guidelines deal exclusively with hazardous points, to which mainly crash edges count. Depending on the staying area and edge length, special protection measurements have to be done.

This means: Falling edges apply for lengths of 15 meters or more, if the height difference is more than 100 centimetres (for example garden walls with less than 1 meter of height, do not need a special fall protection, but should always have a good visible edge which shows the fall hazard).

Stairs from the third step, balconies, windows which are cut deeper should always have a fall protection which has a higher bent edge than 100 cm, not including empty areas of more than 12 square cm, which does not leave more than 12 cm between vertical-struts and which does not have a ladder effect in the horizontal.

Attached you can find a few examples, which are compliant with the current security policies. We are pleased to discuss with you, the design and to create a feasibility study.

Fall protection devices can be bricked, of wood or iron/ stainless steel, glass. In the case of iron, in the outside, always galvanised before applying the primer and the top coat. Indoors it is not necessary, even though in Mallorca we always recommend the galvanised version.

The guidelines for the protection of hazardous points are often revised and newly approved. We check the actual guidelines which refer to your hazardous areas as these can differ from the ones mentioned above.

You can see in our different house type listing, which design is offered by us as default.


The house is handed over clean.

As far as possible, we remove the glue, plaster and cement rests and hand over your property as clean as possible, free from construction debris and construction material. We remove any material piled up during the construction. But also during the constructing you can expect a clean ambience and won't find the typical construction side. With us you won't have a chaotic construction site, which is common in Spain. We always get compliments from our clients, how tidy and clean our construction sites are!


The themes, concepts and hints described above are an explanation of different possibilities. Even though these are extensive, it is possible that your individual desires are not found here.

Your object is as individual as you are. The tailored solutions and specific construction methods are shown in detail in a contract specifically designed for you. Our contracts and objects are adapted to your requirements and are not comparable with any other.

Should you have any questions regarding your contract, do not hesitate, to contact us. We are in partnership with you throughout the whole construction period.