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With structure to your dream real estate

We accompany you through all the processes, from selecting the plot up to the construction final acceptance. We will be at your side, from person to person, advising you and caring personally.



The first step sets the foundation for your real estate in Mallorca. You choose the plot for your future home.


During the search process the question of the location is essential. Are you looking for a property on the land with panoramic view or do you want to enjoy a sea view? Together we will look for the perfect location of your real estate, and when we found it, we will accompany you in the purchase process.

While doing so we will keep in mind the criteria of constructibility, the required plot size and the existing or required construction license.


Nowadays it is important to measure the property professionally. Previously, in the indication of the size in the public documents of the finca was enough, but now this is examined exactly. These data are than recorded in the property register of Mallorca, stating the notorial deed of purchase. This forms the foundation for applying the construction license.



Your real estate project is our issue and will be implemented professionally by our house-architect. You decide if our model plans and model houses are useful for you or if you want to design your individual ones.


Considering various aspects, we plan your dream object.

We will advise you comprehensively on structural conditions such as: lightening, layout, habitability, design and everyday capability, questioned and tested repeatedly.

We modify your exclusive real estate to a perfection and than submit your construction application to the authorities of Mallorca for approval.

This way we have built many new beautiful real estates, or in the restoration of old historical fincas set appropriate accents and advised many customers expertly, in the last few years. 


The soil facts are another important fact to get the construction license.


Corresponding solidity of the subsoil are determined by drilling probes and pressure tests. These results are crucial to calculate the structural analysis. A good foundation can only be set if the soil has the necessary substance.

Electricity and Construction Power Supply

Once we have mastered the first bureaucratic hurdles together and hold the construction license in our hands, we will apply the connection of the construction power for your real estate.


At the same time we will apply for the general power supply. Should a connection to city power not be possible for any reason, our engineer will examine all alternatives for you.

Should an economic principal for a Living Green-Variety be possible, we will equip your real estate with highly efficient photovoltaic-plates and a very powerful generator. Depending on the location of the property in Mallorca, the consideration of energy winning via wind power would be the right choice.

300 sunny days a year make self-sufficient power supply possible without any problems.


There are three possible methods to get to water.


1. Classical method, your property will be equipped with a deep well. Here we make a deep drilling which is equipped with modern PVC pipes and a depth pump. Whether you can find water or not is examined by an old fashioned dowser. Only few people know that Mallorca has one of the largest freshwater lakes and cave systems of Europe. The usual maximum annual output is sufficient for the house, the garden and the pool.

2. Your property can be connected to the public water distribution network, if it is reachable. In Mallorca it is usual, to request water with a private water supplier. This way was proven several times in many communities and neighbourhoods.

3. Last but not least there is a third variety of the “Agua Portable”. In Mallorca it is usual to get large quantities of water delivered with a truck. The water is ready and treated, and can also be drank. As soon as the contact is made with all the water suppliers, the refill works automatically and without any problems.


In any of these cases you will create in Mallorca a corresponding water storage facility on your property. This guarantees you to always have water and get enough pressure on the line via your own domestic water supply.

If you don't know which of these methods is the right one for your property, we will help and also think about the garden planning in this case. Do you have a green thumb and want a lot of plants and palm trees, we will here advice you individually. Here you can read more: Construction quality/Plant packages.

Dezenale Insurance

If you choose one of our new constructed real estates, we guarantee the quality and the statics with a construction insurance. This insurance includes a 10 year guarantee for the structure and the statics of your real estate. We are pleased to inform you comprehensively. The insurance partner examines the material for construction authorization as well as the already constructed quality of the material. With us you will have maximum safety.



The individual steps during the construction work and the different trades are documented thoroughly. The highest priority for us it to keep the deadlines. Construct with us, means that you can rely on the determined deadlines, for the construction of your real estate.


Due to the fact of living on an island, it can happen anytime, that it comes to problems at the harbour or the airport because of the weather or strikes. In this case we recommend to stay calm and try to compensate the delays during the construction period in the best possible way.


Is your real estate completed, there will be a final construction acceptance. Our own defined standards are above the common construction guidelines.


All the responsible technicians sign the protocol of the construction final acceptance and stand up for the examination of all the work.

With this you will receive a seal of approval from all the participants: architect, technical architect, architects-chamber, electric engineer, mine engineer, insurance agency of the Construction-Statics-Insurance and material insurance of the used materials as well as from the local community.

Your high-quality real estate is legitimized with this and you only have to move in with the certainty of living the highest standards.

Realize your dream real estate in Mallorca with Real Estate Construction Mallorca.