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Heating Technology House Technic Room and Air Condition

Warm Water / Service Water

Renewable energy, warm water, air heat pump:

These can be produced with a solar system 12 month a year.

An additional heating unit is necessary in the low season, because the solar panels are not strong enough to serve the underfloor heating or radiators.

Both systems can work together or they can be installed separately from each other. As an additional heating unit you can choose between: oil heating, gas heating, pellet heating or an air heat pump.

The decision as to which additional heater you should choose, is not always easy and it is important to make a good analysis, which we can help you with.

In our house type descriptions you can see which systems are included as standard and also which pre installation for air conditioning.

Attached you can find two installation models, first the minimal installation set-up with decoupled systems, and second the all-in-one-solution with integrated heat exchanger for your pool system combined with the air conditioning:

You can get the all-in-one solution with an upgrade which is turned on automatically in the low season depending on the power of the sun and at the same time the warmth is used to dry your house.


Mallorca consists of stone, especially of lime-sand-stone, so it is no surprise that the groundwater, the largest natural European underground water system, is calcareous. Depending on the house type the decalcification appararus is already included. In all other types of house the connections are included, so that afterwards a decalcification system can be installed without any problems.


Air Condition

Not everybody wants this and with our constructionstandards - for example at our quality houses, it is not necessary. A lot of people do not get along with the cold from the air conditioning and do not want air condition in their house. Our policy is, to be prepared, so that a technician can install the air condition without any problems and without any chiseling at any time.

Think about a possible sale in the far future! Therefore all house types include an air condition pre-installation. What does that mean for you? We leave the electric pipes and transportation lines as flush installation in the masonry. The plastic cover, which is almost invisible when it is painted, can be taken away when needed, and you can change.

Inform yourself about the different pre-installations for 1:1 split devices or about pre-installation systems with air heat pump!

Technical Room

Our technical rooms can be seen. The installations are carefully planned and implemented. According to the area, polyethylene (PEX/PE-X) pipes are used for the transportation of drinking water, polyethylene pipes for non drinking water, copper pipes, thermo-fusion-pipes with air heating pump (type polypropylene), stainless steel pipes or “multicapa” (multi-layer-connection-pipe).

The vertical pumps are nothing less than grundfos. Each circulation has its own surge tank and therefore the necessary electronic installation is laid as upper-plaster-installation nice and clean in the channels and get their own under fuse box with individual protection.

Depending on the type of house, a junction box is placed before the bypass decalcification system for the garden and the tabs from the outside or a complete separate line with its own pressure pump is laid. Inform yourself, which solution is the best and which pump technology fits the best.

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The themes, concepts and hints described above are an explanation of different possibilities. Even though these are extensive, it is possible that your individual desires are not found here.

Your object is as individual as you are. The tailored solutions and specific construction methods are shown in detail in a contract specifically designed for you. Our contracts and objects are adapted to your requirements and are not comparable with any other.

Should you have any questions regarding your contract, do not hesitate, to contact us. We are in partnership with you throughout the whole construction period.