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How much is it to build a Landhaus / Finca on Majorca?

How much is it to build a Landhaus / Finca on Majorca? Our Construction Calculator helps you to understand the real costs.

Calculate your construction project in Mallorca

Our self created construction calculator is unique. You receive through the setting of various parameters a very good cost estimation for your construction project, additional construction costs and the whole project costs to create a new construction project in Mallorca.

Determine easily your construction project

Our construction calculator allows you to create, edit and save several projects for your real estate in Mallorca.
Your construction project can be created individually on the basis of calculations for our sample houses. A detailed calculation, specification of wishes and special features as well as a detailed presentation of the costs are easy to set up. Don't leave anything to chance, examine your visions in relation to the budget and test possibilities.
The operation of the calculation is provided with further assistance and so is self-explanatory. However in case you need help, you can contact us without any obligation.

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